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Selection Committee

Our selection committee is made up of highly-respected independent experts across a variety of sectors who have demonstrated their own innovative spirit. 

Dr. Eric Cohen, MD
Schulich Heart Program, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Deputy Head, Division of Cardiology
Toronto, ON

Dr. Morley Hollenberg
Professor, Departments of Pharmacology
& Therapeutics and Medicine, Faculty of Medicine
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

Mr. Michel David, P.Eng., MBA
Professor, University of Fredericton
Hudson Heights, QC

Ms. Jessie Inman
Chief Executive Officer
Confederation Centre of the Arts
Charlottetown, PE

Dr. Philippe Kruchten, P.Eng.
Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC

Dr. Janet L. Ronsky, P.Eng., FCA
Professor, Canada Research Chair in Biomedical Engineering
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
University of Calgary
Calgary, AB

Dr. Curtis Rempel
Vice President, Crop Production & Innovation
Canola Council of Canada
Winnipeg, MB