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Rules and Eligibility

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Nominees must be Canadian citizens residing in Canada
  • Innovations must be successful, either commercially or among the intended end users
  • Innovations must be current and demonstrate elements as outlined in the Scoring Criteria
  • Innovations may be from any sector

Note: Submissions which focus on lifetime achievement, multiple projects, or innovative work not yet proven in the intended marketplace WILL NOT be accepted for evaluation.

Rules of the Awards

  1. The Selection Committee of the ERNEST C. MANNING AWARDS FOUNDATION (the "Foundation" and/or "The Manning Innovation Awards") shall consider all qualifying nominations and material submitted with or in support thereof.
  2. Material submitted with or in support of any qualifying nomination shall be received on the condition that:
    • The Foundation shall not return such material or any portion thereof to the nominee or the nominators.
    • The Foundation may make such disclosure of the names of nominees and their nominators and of the innovation disclosed in such material as the Foundation considers appropriate.
    • In the case of Award winning nominees, the Foundation may also utilize photos, award videos and additional information as it deems appropriate (e.g. for press releases, advertisements, website).
    • No claim shall be made and no action shall be brought against the Foundation, its Trustees, Directors, Officers, employees or members of the Selection Committee arising out of the use made of such material or of any such disclosure.
  3. The nominee warrants that disclosure of material submitted with, or in support of, his/her nomination does not breach the terms of any contract of employment or any other contract, and that he/she is entitled to make use of the material.
  4. At the discretion of the Selection Committee, nominations made in any year may be carried forward to following years.
  5. The decision of the Selection Committee is final. If in the opinion of the Selection Committee there are no nominees considered suitable during a given year, no Awards shall be given.
  6. A maximum of three individuals may be included in any one nomination.
  7. Each nominee and nominators must electronically sign the prescribed Nomination Forms which will constitute his/her agreement to be bound by the Rules of the Awards.

Re-nomination — A nominee(s) may reapply for an Award in a subsequent year provided a new nomination form and supporting information are submitted, along with an updated summary. You may submit two consecutive times or a maximum of three times unless otherwise requested by the Selection Committee.

Nomination Procedures — Candidates must be nominated by two legally competent persons who are not related (family members) to the nominee. The nominators and the nominee must submit and electronically sign the Nomination Form, acknowledging that they agree to be bound by the Rules of the Awards as defined in the Nomination Information on this website.

Confidentiality — Nominations are often sent to outside experts for assessment. While the evaluators are asked to keep their findings confidential, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE CONFIDENTIALITY. Therefore, if this is of concern to you, please discuss your concerns with our Awards Coordinator and/or wait until your invention is protected by a patent before entering the competition.

Scoring Criteria — Please see Scoring Critera for the evaluation criteria against which your nomination will be evaluated, along with other elements that may deem your nomination as ineligible. Your nomination will not be considered complete unless ALL of the requirements have been met.