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Dan Eisenhardt & Hamid Abdollahi

Location: Vancouver, BC

Award: Innovation Award

Category: Consumer Product

Year: 2013


Recon Instruments’ Heads-up Display (HUD) platforms integrate state-of-the-art micro-computers with an expansive sensor suite. The HUDs deliver instant access to navigation, communication, and performance-based information, direct-to-eye and in an unobtrusive way.

Winner Spotlight Video Transcript

Abdollahi & Eisenhardt: "Hi, I'm Dan Eisenhardt," "and I'm Hamid Abdollahi." "We are from Recon Instruments out of Vancouver, BC and our innovation is Heads-up Display technology."

Eisenhardt: "Heads-up Display gives you instant access to information that's contextually relevant and it's delivered direct-to-eye. If you were, for example, skiing or snowboarding you can see your speed, your altitude, vertical drop, jump airtime…"

Thomas Fowler: "You are seeing on the screen exactly what I'm seeing right here, just below my right eye. So I see nothing when I'm looking straight through the glasses completely unobstructed. When I glance down to the right, then I have access to all my data."

Eisenhardt: "So we have, really, a full computer on board. You can load apps onto there to enrich or expand the feature set."

Fowler: "Data does not diminish the experience, it enhances the experience and makes you a better athlete."

Eisenhardt: "I used be a competitive swimmer and it all comes down to those split seconds in the end when you go into competition. So for me I really saw a huge benefit in being able to access information immediately."

Abdollahi: "So this spark happened because of a course project at UBC. In an ice-breaker session, every student have to pitch an idea, and other students had to listen and see if they'd like to work on that concept, and we got to Dan…"

Eisenhardt: "He came up to me and said, 'I think this is a great idea, I've got experience in, you know, robotics and sensing and I can see what it is you're trying to do.' So it was very fortunate and I said okay… when can you start?"

Dr. Kruchten: "Here, the innovation is the combination of technologies which all existed individually before. So they've been able to combine that to achieve functionality in a very lightweight device."

Dr. Ronksy: "To be able to achieve it in a very small product that was then uptake by all of the different eyeglass manufacturers, is testament to how well it was actually formed. To have that vision is huge."

Fowler: "These guys saw the market before the market existed."

Eisenhardt: "In our view the Manning award is one of the most prestigious in Canada and it's a very personal award; a huge boost that gives energy to attack the next invention."