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James Keirstead and Jim Qualie

Location: Edmonton, AB

Award: Innovation Award

Category: Consumer Product

Year: 2017


GoConex Wire Free Switch

Traditional building electrical wiring systems take a long time to install, require a large amount of materials, and must be installed during the construction process as it is difficult
and expensive to make changes once construction is completed.

James Keirstead and Jim Qualie were inspired to create a wire-free adaptable switch that would reduce the economic costs and environmental impacts for home builders and homeowners. They had previously developed a wireless control system for the hot tub/spa industry and applied their skills and experience to adapt the technology for wireless electrical controls in homes.

Working tirelessly over a period of three years, they developed the world’s first wire-free adaptable switch. GoConex sends radiofrequency commands to a receiver, located in the electrical junction box(es), thereby controlling an electrical load such as a light. By eliminating the need to physically connect switches to lights and other loads, this intuitive system reduces the economic costs and environmental impacts of wiring and electrical boxes, saving hundreds of feet of wiring and dozens of electrical boxes in a typical home installation.

Builders have found that residential installations are 30% faster, commercial installations are 65% faster and adding a switch is 95% faster with GoConex. The cost is actually less expensive than traditional wiring.

GoConex wireless switches can be mounted on brick, glass, drywall, tile, and at any height. Changing a switch location is easy, just take it off the wall and move it somewhere else. Renovations are inexpensive and simple as there’s no need to cut holes in walls.

GoConex is sold at Home Hardware and Kent Building Supplies in Canada and at Crescent Electric and Destination Lighting in the US. GoConex will be available in RONA stores and Lowe’s Canada stores by the end of 2017. Future plans include expanding GoConex sales in Canada and the US, and introducing the technology in Europe, Australia, Brazil, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.