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Ronan MacParland and Sarah Small

Location: St. John's, NL

Award: Young Canadians


Year: 2004


Tea-riffic Skin

News Release

St. John's students named Manning Young Canadian Innovators at Canada-wide science fair

ST. JOHN'S, Newfoundland — (May 21, 2004) — Two St. John's students from Holy Heart of Mary School were selected today for recognition as Manning Young Canadian Innovators by the national Manning Awards Foundation, which promotes and recognizes innovation in Canada. The awards were presented at the 2004 Canada-Wide Science Fair, which was the largest national fair to date, with 483 students working on 375 projects. Representation in the Fair, held all week on the Memorial University campus, included students from every province and territory.

Sarah Small, 17 and Ronan MacParland, 17, will share a $4,500 cash award and both will be asked to travel this fall to the yet-to-be-announced site of the national Manning Innovation Awards. The team earned other honours which included the Silver medal and $700 for the senior Health Sciences Division, a $1,000 Quality of Life Student Research Award, and a $2,000 entrance scholarship at the University of Western Ontario.

Sarah and Ronan entered the Canada-Wide Science Fair after winning in the Eastern Newfoundland Regional with their project Tea-riffic Skin, which comprised three different extraction processes to obtain the molecular compounds in green tea known for potential anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties and to incorporate those properties into a topical cream.

"While carrying out our experimental procedures, we came across many exciting results which led us to ponder our future applications. The results from the ultraviolet tests led us to the idea of developing a green tea-based sun screen. Our green tea extracts, even when diluted, proved to be 100% UV absorbing," the team told judges during the week.

This is the 13th year for the Manning Innovation Awards at the Canada-Wide Science Fair, co-sponsored by Encana Corporation and Petro-Canada on behalf of the Manning Awards Foundation.

Don Park, Executive Director