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Eddy Fortier

Location: Sherbrooke, QC

Award: Young Canadians


Year: 2010


L'Xtraction aid

News Release

Tire Traction Device Wins Sherbrooke Student Innovation Accolades
Québec Student Garners Manning Innovation Awards at National Science Fair

PETERBOROUGH, ON - (May 23, 2010) Eddy Fortier of Sherbrooke, Québec has won a prestigious Manning Young Canadian Innovation Award at the 2010 Canada-Wide Science Fair for his tire-chain replacement system, which can be used when a vehicle is stuck in snow. The 17-year-old was among nearly 500 finalists at the national fair, held at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, May 15th to 23rd.

"Canada needs innovation to compete and prosper, and that means we need to encourage and celebrate our innovative youth," says Bruce Fenwick, Executive Director of the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation. The Foundation's Young Canadian Program recognizes innovative youth competing at the national science fair.

A frustrating issue with tire chains is that they must be put on the tires in advance: Once a vehicle has become stuck in the snow, it is extremely difficult to get the chains on. Fortier's "L'Xtraction aid" overcomes this obstacle.

For his science fair project, Fortier designed and tested a series of prototypes of his tire-chain replacement system. The device worked well and he has applied for a patent on his invention.

Fortier's project was among eight chosen every year from the Canada-Wide Science Fair to receive a $500 Manning Innovation Achievement Award. The project was also one of four selected for an additional $4000 Manning Young Canadian Innovation Award. The Young Canadian Innovation Awards are sponsored by Suncor (two), the Jim McEwen Family and the Dave Mitchell Family.

Fortier will join other Manning Innovation Award winners to be recognized in person at the Foundation's 29th Annual Awards Gala, with honourary Co-Chairs Senator Pamela Wallin, OC, and Preston Manning, CC, this September 17th in Ottawa.


"Propriétaires de véhicules (autos, camionnettes, mini vans…), levez la main s'il vous est déjà arrivé de rester pris en hiver dans la neige folle. Gardez la main levée si vos populaires " Traction aids "5 n'ont pas suffit à vous sortir de cet impasse, le véhicule s'enlisant davantage dans la neige folle. Ho ! Vous êtes nombreux. Et bien, une solution à ce problème se nomme : " Xtraction aid ""


For more information or to interview Amy-Jayne, please contact Bruce Fenwick, Executive Director of the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation: 403-645-8288 or bruce.fenwick@encana.com

The spokesperson for Youth Science Canada/Sciences jeunesse Canada is Reni Barlow, Executive Director: communications@ysf-fsj.ca


The Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation recognizes the importance of Canadian innovation in strengthening our nation's capacity to compete in the global economy. The Foundation supports and celebrates Canadians with the imagination to innovate and the stamina to succeed. Visit www.manningawards.ca for more information.