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Guest Post: A Collective Commitment to Innovation

A message from Imperial’s Vice President of research, Cheryl Trudell, on why it was important for Imperial to sponsor the Manning Innovation Awards.

Cheryl Trudell Imperial

The discussion about Canada’s role in an evolving global energy landscape is dynamic and complex. As we look ahead 20 years, we see global energy demand continuing to grow with a significant focus on environmental and social responsibility.

Providing energy to support economic growth while reducing environmental impacts is the Canadian oil and gas industry’s current and long-term challenge. Fortunately, this is not an “either-or” scenario.
Canada has the tools to lead the globe in responsible energy development and production.

Our ability to ensure Canada’s ongoing success lies in our collective commitment to innovation and to an open dialogue on constructive and collaborative solutions. If Canada does not supply the world’s growing oil and gas needs, the demand will be met by other jurisdictions.

Taking an innovative approach is part of who we are at Imperial. More than 100 years ago, we established Canada’s first oil and gas research department. Today, we’re one of the country’s only energy producers with dedicated research laboratories. Over the last 20 years, we have spent more than $2.1 billion in research and technology development. We continue to invest approximately $150 million on research annually and we have over 100 researchers and scientists, and over 90 PhDs, dedicated to advancing our progress. In fact, we just set a target to reduce our GHG emissions intensity by 10 percent over the next five years by applying cutting-edge technology solutions.

In addition to our in-house research, we partner with academic institutions, industry peers and third-party companies to accelerate the pace of environmental performance improvement in Canada. Imperial is a charter member of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA). COSIA member companies have shared 981 distinct technologies and innovations that cost more than $1.4 billion to develop.

At Imperial, supporting innovation is not limited to within our walls or industry. We support organizations that are inspiring creative thinking and highlighting innovators. When it comes to recognizing and rewarding Canadian innovators, we think the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation is one of the best and we’re thrilled to be supporting this year’s Innovation Symposium, held in conjunction with the 37th Innovation Awards.

We look forward to seeing how the 2018 award recipients are changing the world through innovation and encourage you to join us at the Manning Innovation Symposium on October 23 either in-person or through the livestream. You can register by clicking here.

Join Us (On the Ground or via Live Stream) at the 2018 Manning Innovation Symposium & Pitch Competition

The 2018 Symposium, supported by Imperial, our Knowledge Sharing Partner, will highlight the 2018 Manning Innovation Award winners and three emerging innovators from the University of Toronto. Whether you're currently steering through the innovative process yourself, or are simply interested in gaining valuable insights and advice, the Innovation Symposium will leave you inspired to persevere beyond challenges and get into action!

If you'd like to attend in person or via live stream, please RSVP at https://bit.ly/2DD70jj.

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