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Four Outstanding Canadians to Receive 2018 Manning Innovation Awards


And the Manning Innovation Awards Go To...

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Manning Innovation Awards. These national awards reward and recognize Canadian innovators whose innovations are commercially viable, support our provincial and national economies by creating jobs and wealth, and position Canada as a global competitor. Each new Laureate demonstrates the imagination to innovate and the stamina to succeed.

“In celebrating these outstanding Canadian innovators, and sharing their remarkable accomplishments, we are declaring we are well on our way to becoming a nation of innovators,” says Jennifer Diakiw, President of the Ernest C. Manning Awards Foundation. 

Introducing the 2018 Manning Laureates

Principal Award: $100,000
Sponsored by Scotiabank
Dr. Daniel Drucker
Discovery and development GLP-2 therapies
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Daniel Drucker researched, developed and commercialized a GLP-2 analogue, teduglutide, the first therapy approved for long-term use for people living with Short Bowel Syndrome (SBS). The discovery of GLP-2 therapy has revolutionized SBS patient care, with a profound impact on those living with the disorder, their families and the physicians who care for them.


David E. Mitchell Award of Distinction: $25,000
Sponsored by Laureates and Friends of the Foundation
Dr. Matthew Bromwich
SHOEBOX Audiometry
Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Matthew Bromwich researched and invented a 21st-century diagnostic hearing test, SHOEBOX Audiometry. SHOEBOX makes hearing testing easy, accurate, and accessible. This e-health enabled, point-of-care platform includes an iPad-based interactive audiometer that is smaller than a shoebox to perform clinical grade hearing tests.


Facebook Innovation Award: $10,000
Dr. Kamran Khan
Explorer by BlueDot
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Kamran Khan led the development of Explorer, a web-based application that uses geographic information systems technology to integrate, analyze and visualize data to help countries better prepare for, and respond to, dangerous infectious disease threats.


Arthur J.E. Child Innovation Award: $10,000
Dr. Morgan Wyatt
Toronto, Ontario

Dr. Morgan Wyatt researched and developed a leak-proof technology that enabled the world’s first fully compostable compost bin, Greenlid, made in Canada from 100% end-of-life recycled cardboard. Since 2014, Greenlids have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by almost 2.5 million tonnes of CO2.


Join Us (On the Ground or via Live Stream) at the 2018 Manning Innovation Symposium & Pitch Competition

The 2018 Symposium, supported by Imperial, our Knowledge Sharing Partner, will highlight the 2018 Manning Innovation Award winners and three emerging innovators from the University of Toronto. Whether you're currently steering through the innovative process yourself, or are simply interested in gaining valuable insights and advice, the Innovation Symposium will leave you inspired to persevere beyond challenges and get into action!

If you'd like to attend in person or via live stream, please RSVP at https://bit.ly/2DD70jj.

Attend the 37th Manning Innovation Awards Dinner

The 2018 Manning Awards will be presented on October 24 at a prestigious awards dinner at the Scotiabank Centre in downtown Toronto, attended by past Laureates, Canadian innovators, and their supporters – all known for their innovation excellence. Are you ready to meet Canada's most outstanding innovators? Get your tickets before they are gone!

Tickets: https://conventionall.swoogo.com/ecmia2018

Jennifer Diakiw | President

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