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The Stamina to Succeed: 5 Characteristics of Successful Canadian Innovators


Can an innovative spirit be taught, or is the ability to innovate reserved for only a few? While the answer might be up for debate, what we know for sure is that successful innovators have more than a few traits in common.

From curiosity to resilience, the five characteristics that follow have helped thousands of successful innovators stand out from the crowd, overcome challenges, and succeed in their pursuits.


Innovators are enthusiastically curious. When approaching problems, or seeking out new solutions, innovators keep an open, unconfined mind, which allows their curiosity to shine. While some avoid asking too many questions, innovators have a love of learning and often challenge preconceived notions. Curiosity enables innovators to improve on existing concepts and can lead to inventing entirely new ones.

Opportunity Mindset

Developing an opportunity mindset is key to realizing a vision. Rather than dwelling on challenges and forces of opposition, innovators see problems as opportunities. This unique mindset allows for constant growth, improvement and adjustments so that the best opportunity for long-term success can be pursued.


Ideas are easy, but execution is everything. Instead of spending time thinking about what they want to do or what they wish they could accomplish, innovators are always striving to take action with a sense of urgency. Successful innovators don’t let perfection slow them down. They push aside their fears, make mistakes, and learn from them. One step at a time, innovators redefine what is possible.

Passionately Driven

Innovators are driven by a compelling vision and are passionate about their work. They set out to answer a question, solve a problem, or meet a need, and they do it with unwavering enthusiasm. Innovators are fuelled by passion, and that passion is what drives them to go the extra mile.

Persistent & Resilient

Innovators are fiercely committed to their goals, regardless of immediate outcomes. When they experience challenges, resistance, setbacks or perceived failures, innovators remain flexible, seek out solutions, and always persevere. If you have a strong desire to implement change, persist until you do.

Can you identify these traits within you?

Whether you identify with these characteristics or not, remember: not all innovators are made the same. While you can aspire to develop the above attributes, your path to innovation doesn’t have to be a proven one, and you don’t have to fit into a particular box to realize success. There is no magic, no shortcuts, and no cheat-sheet. If you want to rise up to stand amongst the greatest innovators our country has to offer, nurture your innovative spirit and keep working hard. We look forward to celebrating your success story in the near future!

Are you already a leader in Canada’s innovation ecosystem?

Be part of Canada’s premier celebration of Canadian innovators at the 37th Manning Innovation Awards. Let us work with you to co-create an innovative sponsorship package that maximizes your impact, visibility, and recognition as a leader in the innovation ecosystem at our 2018 Manning Innovation Awards. For all sponsorship inquiries, please contact Jennifer Diakiw by phone 403.930.4334 or email jennifer.diakiw@manningawards.ca.

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