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Award Winners

Click on the name of the Award Winner in the table below to view details on all current and past winners of the Innovation Awards, David E. Mitchell Award of Distinction, and Encana Principal Award. Video footage is provided with the Award winner explaining his or her innovation for winners from 2003 on.

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Lingley-Pottie, Dr. Patricia & McGrath, Dr. Patrick The Strongest Families Institute. Tackling the challenge of providing mental health care from a distance. Principal Award Social Innovation NS, Halifax Video Link
Luo, Dr. Henry AntiShock™ technology. New solutions for the complex problems facing the hearing impaired. Award of Distinction Medical Equipment ON, Kitchener Video Link
Davies, Ifor Caine (Taffy) Zafety Lug Lock®. Nuts for truck safety. A $2 solution from a novice inventor is saving lives. Innovation Award Mechanics ON, Oakville Video Link
Eisenhardt, Dan & Abdollahi, Hamid Recon Instruments’ Heads-up Display (HUD. Innovation Award Consumer Product BC,
Video Link


Geoffrey Auchinleck BloodTrack® – An Advanced Transfusion Management System. Principal Award Medical BC, Vancouver Video LinkNew Release Link
Dr. Réjean Fontaine, Ph.D. and Dr. Roger Lecomte, Ph.D. The LabPET™ Digital PET Scanner. Award of Distinction Medical Science QC, Sherbrooke Video LinkNew Release Link
Kerry G. Green and Geoffrey G. Gyles Wolf Trax DDP Micronutrients. Innovation Award Agriculture MB, Winnipeg Video LinkNew Release Link
Terence J. S. Bigsby ASPENWARE Compostable Wooden Cutlery. Innovation Award Environment BC, Vernon Video LinkNew Release Link


Hill, Dr. Philip High-Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) of Natural Gas into Diesel Engines. Principal Award Environment BC, Vancouver Video LinkNew Release Link
Gordon, Mary Roots of Empathy: Evidence-Based Classroom Program to Build Caring, Peaceful and Civil Societies. Award of Distinction Social ON, Toronto Video LinkNew Release Link
Marsden, Randal Cleankeys. Innovation Award Medical AB, Edmonton Video LinkNew Release Link
Morin, Mark Vortex Splash Guards: Low Spray, Aerodynamic Smart Mud Flaps. Innovation Award Technology ON, Restoule Video LinkNew Release Link


Gosling, Geoff DIRTT Connecting Wall System that facilitates customization of modular wall systems. Innovation Award Industry AB, Calgary Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Roussy, Ray The Sonic Drill - enabling faster and more environmentally friendly drilling. Innovation Award Industry BC, Surrey Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Mavinic, Dr. Donald Developed a phosphorous recovery system to turn waste water into a valuable fertilizer, Crystal Green. Award of Distinction Industry BC, Vancouver Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Ens, Dr. Werner and Standing, Dr. Ken Recognized for their transformational innovations in mass spectrometry. Principal Award Medical Science MB, Winnipeg Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder


Burrell, Dr. Robert "Acticoat - Silver-Coated Antimicrobial Dressings" to control infection and inflammation, enabling wounds and burns to heal faster. A first in the medical application of nanotechnology! Principal Award Medical Science AB, Edmonton Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Piron, Cameron The Sentinelle Vanguard Breast MR Auxiliary Table with Variable Coil Geometry and software, helps radiologists diagnose breast cancer earlier. Award of Distinction Medical Science ON, Toronto Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Quail, Jeffrey Shocknife -- a tool that elevates "edged weapon" attack training to an electrifying new reality. Innovation Award Survival & Safety MB, Winnipeg Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
King, Brent SPIDER Limb Positioner -- allows a surgeon to secure a patient's limb in optimum operating positions. Innovation Award Medical Science AB, Calgary Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder


Pawliszyn, Janusz Invented solid-phase microextraction (SPME), an environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient technology for collecting and extracting samples for chemical analysis. Principal Award Industry ON, Waterloo Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Danisch, Lee Inventor of the ShapeAccelArray that detects subtle underground movements before they turn into landslides or structural failures impacting construction sites, bridges and buildings. Award of Distinction Measuring Devices NB, Fredericton Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Adams, Williams Developed a safe and efficient way to distribute drug samples. SmartSample® (US and Canadian patents pending) replaces traditional pharmaceutical samples with a specialized prescription that physicians can endorse and give to patients. Innovation Award Health Care NS, Halifax Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Hennessy, Arnold & Hennessy, Phil Their patented innovation, the Flapperless, Tip-Bucket Toilet is designed to reduce the water wasted in conventional toilets through flapper valve leakage. Innovation Award Industry ON, Toronto Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder


Kennedy, Dr. James & Pottier, Dr. Roy Discovered that 5-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) could be used with light therapy to treat pre-cancerous and other skin conditions. Outcomes of their work include, Levulan® Photodynamic Therapy, used to successfully treat the pre-cancerous skin condition, actinic keratosis, acne, and is being investigated for the treatment of other skin conditions, cancers and infections. Principal Award Medical Science ON, Kingston Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Yang, Dr. En-hui Invented and developed some of the worlds most widely used data compression technologies for digital communications. His innovations enable efficient data and image transmission saving time for tasks such as Web browsing, attachment downloads, and saving battery power in wireless devices. Award of Distinction Communications ON, Waterloo Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
McNamara, Christopher d. Mr. McNamara is the visionary and lead architect of Siren ePCR™ Suite, the worlds most used electronic reporting system for paramedics and other first responders. His system replaces unwieldy paper forms with a tablet computer, securely connected via a wireless intranet to hospitals and 911 dispatch systems. Innovation Award Emergency Health NS, Halifax Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Schaedlich, Frank & Schneeberger, Daniel Their revolutionary work in mercury monitoring lead to their development of the first practical continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system. The Tekran® Series 3300 mercury CEM operates automatically 24/7, to detect various forms of the mercury in smoke stack gas. Innovation Award Environment ON, Toronto Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder


Machan, Dr. Lindsay & Hunter, Dr. William Developed a drug-delivery technique that has revolutionized the treatment of coronary artery disease (CAD) and advanced the science of localized drug delivery. Over 1.8 million TAXUS TM paclitaxel-eluting stents were implanted in patients in the first two years after approval, helping treat CAD, a leading cause of cardiovascular disease. Principal Award Medical Science BC, Vancouver Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Foster, Dr. Stuart Developed an ultrasound microimaging system used around the globe in developmental biology, cancer and heart disease research. The system produces non-invasive images in real time, allowing researchers to track changes in great detail such as the blood vessels on a live mouse tumour, greatly enhancing the efficiency, humanity and time frame for research. Award of Distinction Medical Science ON, Toronto Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Caruk, Bradley Invented a way to give subway riders something to look at plus opening up revenue generation opportunities for subway system operators. SideTrack's technology works much like a children's flipbook, with a motion-sensitive lighting system illuminating pictures that riders on the train see as a moving picture. Innovation Award Industry MB, Winnipeg Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Guzzwell, John, Hale, Rod and LeFeuvre, Patricia Developed an automated technology, the iSYS Automated Red-Eye Removal system (ARER), that identifies and realistically recolours "red-eye" in images and is the industry standard used in thousands of photo kiosks, consumer printers, photo minilabs and large central processing labs. Innovation Award Industry NL, St. John's Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder


Winsor, Robin Significantly advanced the process of capturing x-rays with his patented filmless digital radiography system. The Imaging Dynamics Company's XplorerTM technology provides a low cost quality digital image resulting in many benefits to the health care system. Innovation Award Industry AB, Calgary Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Tyrrell, Dr. Lorne Discovered a unique system to identify compounds with antiviral activity. The drug lamivudine was then shown by Dr. Tyrrell to be a very potent treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection and was the first oral antiviral agent licensed to treat this global disease. Principal Award Medical Science AB, Edmonton Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
McNally, Wayd Devised methods to effectively monitor the processing and packaging of consumer goods, through his patented wireless detecting products, such as the Crackless Egg and Smart Bottle. Problems in handling equipment may be quickly identified, reducing loss and maintaining product quality. Award of Distinction Industry PE, Charlottetown Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Coscarella, Gabe Solved the problem of sewage backup into homes and buildings with his patented Full-Port Backwater Valve that was instrumental in changing the National Plumbing Code of Canada. Innovation Award Industry AB, Edmonton Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder


Sutherland, Dr. Garnette Had the vision of integrating magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) into the neurosurgical operating theatre. The Intra Operative MR System, produced by the Canadian company IMRIS, has changed the way neurosurgery can be done. Images throughout the surgery enhance intraoperative visualization, ensuring, for example, the complete removal of a tumor. Award of Distinction Medical Science AB, Calgary Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
MacDonald, Ian & Macmillan, Evian Solved the No. 1 problem of diners everywhere — wobbly restaurant tables. Table Shox are self adjusting hydraulic glides or "table feet" that prevent tipsy tables. Innovation Award Industry BC, Port Coquitlam Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Lyons, Dr. Bob Conceived and patented Safety Turtle, a potentially life-saving wristband for children. The wireless device triggers a remote alarm when immersed in water such as a swimming pool or lake. Adaptable to protect pets, seniors, disabled persons, man overboard and as a flood alert. Innovation Award Survival and Safety ON, Ottawa Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Goldberg, Murray Developed WebCT, the world's first and most widely used Course Management System. WebCT has empowered educators to develop meaningful on-line learning experiences for students and put Canada on the map as the significant player in the global e-learning market. Principal Award Education BC, Vancouver Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder


Swinimer, Kirk Invented the original and only code-evaluated, engineered footing form for construction tubes that enables one worker to perform the integral pouring of the footing and the column. Bigfoot Systems' patented, cone-shaped, high-density plastic footing form is used by builders throughout Canada and exported worldwide. Innovation Award Consumer Products NS, Chester Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Mathis, Dr. Nancy, P.Eng. Developed a unique non-invasive thermal effusivity sensor that determines the heat-transferring characteristics of a wide range of materials. Mathis Instruments Ltd.'s patented sensors are used by major companies around the world for unprecedented quality control of materials in the laboratory, during production and for the testing of finished goods. Principal Award Industry NB, Fredericton Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Griffiths, Chris Invented the patented Griffiths Active Bracing System, a one-piece glass fibre unit that forms the structural frame of all Garrison Guitars. The system produces the most affordable, high quality, solid wood acoustic guitar in the world, an instrument with superior sound and playability that makes beautiful music for professional recording artists and beginning players alike. Award of Distinction Music NF, St. John's Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Edmonds, Tim, P.Eng. Created the Air Chamber Crab Processor, a machine which provides a cost-effective, safe, and healthy method of removing meat from the hard-shell segments of crab. Edmonds' engineered machine has helped Canada's crab-processing industry more than double in size and is utilized in fish plants around the world. Innovation Award Industry NS, Dartmouth Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder


Lazaridis, Mike & Mousseau, Gary Designed the architecture for the BlackBerry, the first handheld, totally integrated, wireless e-mail system. BlackBerry is the world's leading wireless enterprise solution for mobile professionals to stay continuously connected to their corporate e-mail, while meeting the security and manageability requirements of IT departments. Principal Award Communications ON, Waterloo New Release Link Media Backgrounder
Jennings, Dr. Harold Spent nearly 25 years researching, developing and bringing to commercialization the world's first synthetic vaccine that protects infants against Group C meningitis - the most common form of the disease to strike youngsters. Award of Distinction Medical Science ON, Ottawa News Release Link Media Backgrounder
Jefferson, Malcolm Invented the Centric-Safe Haven bicycle child carrier, which enhances safety and makes cycling a shared experience by placing the child securely in the carrier in front of the adult rider. Innovation Award Consumer Products ON, Ottawa New Release Link Media Backgrounder
Knowlton, Nancy & Martin, David Through their company SMART Technologies, Inc., developed the first interactive whiteboard system to provide touch control of computer applications, annotation over top of standard Windows applications and the ability to save these notes. Innovation Award Communications AB, Calgary New Release Link Media Backgrounder


Tanner, Dr. Scott & Baranov, Dr. Vladimir Developed the Dynamic Reaction Cell. The DRC eliminates unwanted chemical interference in plasma mass spectrometry and remains state of the art in terms of all analytical atomic spectrometry. Award of Distinction Industry ON, Concord New Release Link Media Backgrounder
Moore, Barry & Slater, Cody Developed the GasAlert family of zero-maintenance detectors for monitoring hazardous gases. Innovation Award Survival and Safety AB, Calgary New Release Link Media Backgrounder
Matthews, Lance Invented a new medical crutch that frees both hands of people who have lower-leg injuries or disabilities. Innovation Award Health Care ON, Mansfield Video LinkNew Release Link Media Backgrounder
Leung, Dr. Albert Developed the micromachined, non-mechanical motion-sensing accelerometer. Smaller than a pencil eraser, it can be inexpensively produced for numerous applications. Principal Award Measuring Devices BC, Burnaby New Release Link Media Backgrounder
Ham, James Created the Ham Double Bass, a hand-crafted concert instrument that is "player friendly" with unmatched sound quality. Innovation Award Music BC, Victoria New Release Link Media Backgrounder


Marsh, Fred Crafted the Marsh Flexible Goal Peg System, a safer method for holding goal nets in place. This successful system was adopted by the NHL and has been used exclusively since 1991. Innovation Award Survival and Safety BC, Kamloops Video LinkNew Release LinkMedia Backgrounder
Holtby, Quinn Developed a comprehensive oil well bore fluid containment system for drilling and service rigs known as the Kelly Kan/Katch Kan. Since awarded, Katch Kan Ltd. has added further components to create a complete zero spill system, adopted in over 52 countries. Innovation Award Industry AB, Edmonton New Release Link Media Backgrounder
Friedman, Dr. Abraham (Avi) Designed the Grow Home, a narrow-front rowhouse that has enabled Canadians with low annual incomes to become homeowners, and has become a model for sustainable and affordable housing in North America. Award of Distinction Industry QC, Montreal New Release Link Media Backgrounder
Côté, Dr. Pierre Conceived and produced ZeeWeed, a unique filtration membrane that represents a revolution in water treatment. Principal Award Civil Engineering ON, Oakville New Release Link Media Backgrounder


Van der Weide, Tom Produced the Comfort Plus Anti-Fatigue Mat. Like its name indicates, the invention minimizes the fatigue experienced by workers who stand in stationary positions for prolonged periods of time. Innovation Award Consumer Products AB, Edmonton
Isbister, Stanley Created the Gearless Angle Drive for adapting socket wrench sets to reach around corners. Innovation Award Consumer Products SK, Saskatoon
Dovichi, Dr. Norman & Zhang, Dr. Jianzhong Developed a successful High-Speed DNA Sequencer. Fully automated, it is able to produce DNA sequences approximately ten times faster than earlier technology. Award of Distinction Molecular Biology AB, Edmonton
Baldur, Roman Created IBIS (Integrated Ballistics Identification System), a computer-enhanced bullet and cartridge identification system. Principal Award Forensic Science ON, Waterloo


Paglericcio, Paul Invented The Husher, an elastic muzzle training aid that teaches dogs to stop barking. Innovation Award Consumer Products ON, Russel
Devine, Cliff & O'Connell, Dan Designed the Linemaster, a robotic arm for handling high voltage power lines more safely and efficiently. Innovation Award Electrical BC, Oliver
Coache, Claude, Denis, Jacob & Miller, Fabien Crafted the Cavity Monitoring System, a unit capable of producing a 3D image of an underground cavity. Award of Distinction Industry QC, Montreal
Cavers, Dr. Jim Invented the Adaptive Digital Predistorter, a device which eliminates the distortion of a radio frequency amplifier while maintaining its power. The innovation was the basis of technology now used worldwide for new base-station amplifier designs. Award of Distinction Communications BC, Vancouver


Slessor, Dr. Keith & Winston, Dr. Mark Identified the chemical components of the queen bee pheromone. This allowed for the development of commercial products which could govern bee behaviour and thus dramatically increase pollination and crop yields. Award of Distinction Agriculture BC,Vancouver
McEwen, Dr. James A. Invented the first microprocessor-controlled automatic tourniquet system for surgery. Today, commercial products based on the innovation are used in an estimated 20,000 surgical procedures daily, in more than 40 countries of the world. Principal Award Medical Science BC, Vancouver
Laswick, Ron Developed the Genesis II Resuscitator. This light hand-held ventilator meets all the requirements of demand or spontaneous breathing and mask purge. Innovation Award Survival and Safety ON, Mississauga
Halford, James W. Devised the Conserva Pak seed/fertilizer placement system, a machine capable of one-pass operations in undisturbed soil. This equipment has allowed for conservation tillage and decreased overall cropping costs in Canada, USA, and Australia. Innovation Award Agriculture SK, Indian Head


Thériault, Vincent Created an innovative lifeboat: egg-shaped, totally enclosed, and made from reinforced fiberglass. Innovation Award Survival and Safety NB, Grande Anse
Sudol, Tad Designed, built, and licensed the Sand-Vac, a portable system which combines concentric coiled tubing and a jet pump to perform sand cleanouts of horizontal oil wellbores. Award of Distinction Industry AB, Edmonton
Graham, Bernie Advanced the built-in vacuum industry with his innovative add-on, the VacPan. This built-in dustpan permits easy cleanups from the kitchen and other floors, with the cleaning power of a central vacuum system. Innovation Award Consumer Products ON, North Bay
Collings, Tim Designed the V-Chip, a technology which permits parents to control the in-home television programming seen by their children. Principal Award Communications BC, Burnaby


Swann, John Developed an emergency escape smoke hood for use by civilians caught in a fire. Innovation Award Survival and Safety BC, Vancouver
Hollick, John Designed SolarWall, a solar heating system for use in both residential and commercial applications. An innovation ahead of its time, SolarWall systems are now installed in over 20 countries, counting Wal-Mart and the U.S. Army among their clients. Innovation Award Solar Energy ON, Downsview
Hill, Dr. Kenneth Discovered photosensitivity resulting from the ultraviolet irradiation of optical fibers. Follow-up work on this innovation has led to many commercial applications. Principal Award Communications ON, Ottawa
Gilsig, Dr. Toby & Payette, Yves Pioneered an innovative system of computer networking and distribution to improve all aspects of electrical outage restoration. Award of Distinction Electrical QC, Longueuil


Smith, Dr. Michael Developed site-directed mutagenesis, a procedure that revolutionized the processes of research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies. Principal Award Molecular Biology BC, Vancouver
Rorison, Al Developed a complex train of equipment for removing the damaged surface of asphalt highways and repaving in a single pass. Innovation Award Civil Engineering BC, Vancouver
Morin, Normand Invented an ingenious system to clean moving conveyor belts used in mining, construction, and other industries. Innovation Award Industry ON, Parry Sound
Chrétien, Dr. Michel & Seidah, Dr. Nabil Identified the first convertases; this identification promoted research leading to new approaches for treating cancer, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, epilepsy, and AIDS. Award of Distinction Molecular Biology QC, Montreal


Schindler, Dr. David Conducted definitive experiments leading to the banning of phosphates in detergents. Award of Distinction Environment AB, Edmonton
Potvin, Yves Produced a successful line of meatless hot dogs and burgers which contain no cholesterol, are low in saturated fat, and contain no preservatives. Innovation Award Diet BC, Vancouver
Filipovic, Dusanka Patented the Blue Bottle technology, which eliminates emissions of CFCs from refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Principal Award Environment ON, Toronto
Dimmick, Frederick Fashioned illuminated signs that are reliable, energy efficient and maintenance free. The technology has now been adapted for general lighting applications in kitchen cabinets, boats, and RVs. Innovation Award Electrical ON, Parry Sound


Ogilvie, Dr. Kelvin, O.C. Devised the gene machine, a ubiquitous and essential tool used by both frontier researchers and undergraduate students to study natural and modified DNA and RNA. Dr. Ogilvie furthermore developed the drug ganciclovir, crucially used in organ transplant surgeries to prevent organ rejection. Principal Award Molecular Biology NS, Wolfville
Murphy, Wendy Fashioned an infant evacuation stretcher that would enable quicker and safer rescue of babies in hospital emergencies. Innovation Award Health Care ON, Toronto
Lemieux, Dr. Raymond, O.C. Advanced understanding of carbohydrates and made major contributions in the synthesis of new antibiotics and blood group antigens. Award of Distinction Molecular Biology AB, Edmonton
Dickie, Robert Developed a simple, safer, radically different electric plug for use with appliances, tools, and other residential and industrial applications. Innovation Award Consumer Products ON, Newmarket


Tardif, Alphonse Invented an ink jet laboratory timer. This compact instrument safely measures the speed of moving bodies in laboratory tests. Innovation Award Measuring Devices QC, Levis
Mraz, Dennis Developed a direction changer for horizontal conveyor belts, now used in major mines across North America. Award of Distinction Industry SK, Saskatoon
Lee, Robert & Savard, Dr. Guy Developed and introduced a gaseous oxygen process for steel making, called shrouded tuyere technology. Award of Distinction Industry QC, Montreal
Coulombe, Maurice Designed a system of trays for syringes to prevent accidental needle pricks to hospital workers. Innovation Award Health Care QC, Charlesbourg
Bruton, Dr. Len Designed and developed electronic filters, used for many applications including the touch-tone telephone. Principal Award Communications AB, Calgary


Wiebe, Allen Crafted a tool to remove and replace turf sweeper rubber fingers. Still used throughout the world, the invention is unchanged and remains the industry standard. Innovation Award Industry AB, Calgary
Olson, Brian Developed a safer tractor hitch. This innovation and others have led his company, Power Pin Inc., to be the world's largest supplier of tractor-implement draw bar hitching components. Innovation Award Agriculture SK, Regina
Masui, Dr. Yoshio Discovered two protein factors in the frog egg, significantly contributing to the understanding of cell division activities. This discovery had a major impact on cancer research, with recent anti-cancer drugs developed based on the knowledge of cell division mechanisms. Principal Award Medical Science ON, Toronto
Fentiman, Art Invented a connector used in many of the world's largest space structures. Award of Distinction Civil Engineering ON, Stittsville
Davenport, Dr. Alan Advanced understanding of the effects of wind on large structures. His contributions to the field continue at the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory at the University of Western Ontario. Award of Distinction Civil Engineering ON, London


Knudsen, Donald Conceptualized, designed, and manufactured an underwater, digital acoustic imaging system, Daisy. Award of Distinction Submarine Engineering ON, Perth
Johnson, Dennis Conceived and designed PetroTag, a system which accurately measures the liquid content of large storage tanks. Innovation Award Measuring Devices SK, Saskatoon
Hards, John Devised a rotary veneer clipper used in the plywood industry. Innovation Award Industry BC, Vancouver
Hansen, Rick C.C Increased the world's awareness of the potential of people living with a spinal cord injury and other related disabilities through his Man in Motion World Tour. Award of Distinction Handicapped BC, Vancouver
Gunston, Dr. Frank Pioneered the total artificial replacement knee (Total Knee Arthroplasty) and donated his technology to medicine. Worldwide it has become one of the most used and successful orthopaedic operations. Principal Award Medical Science MB, Brandon


Sinclair, Dr. George Advanced the development of specialized radio antennas and multicouplers: complex units which permit the connection of a number of radio transmitters and receivers. Award of Merit Communications ON, Aurora
Dussault, Dr. Jean, C.M., Formulated a method of testing infants for congenital hypothyroidism, thus saving children from irreversible mental retardation. Principal Award Medical Science QC, Sainte Foy
Covill, Dennis Became, and along with the company he founded has remained, the world leader in the design and manufacture of solid-state, high powered radio transmitters. Award of Merit Communications NS, Tantallon


Picker, Patrick Designed and manufactured a flow microcalorimeter used in laboratories throughout the world. Award of Merit Measuring Devices QC, Rock Forest
McFarlane, Dr. James R., O.C. Made significant advances in the design of submarine vehicles and robotics. Award of Merit Submarine Engineering BC, Port Moody
Brimacombe, Dr. J. Keith, O.C. Identified and solved problems in the metals processing industry using computerized mathematical analysis. Principal Award Industry BC, Vancouver


Kramer, Dale Designed, produced and marketed one of the world's finest ultra-light aircraft. Award of Merit Aviation ON, Pt. Colborne
de Bold, Dr. Adolfo Isolated and identified a heart hormone, ANF. This discovery has had great significance in improving methods of treating high blood pressure and heart disease; as attested to in more than 15,000 scientific papers. Principal Award Medical Science ON, Ottawa
Arney, Don Revolutionized the helicopter firefighting industry with his Bambi bucket, now the world standard in the industry. Award of Merit Fire Fighting BC, Richmond


Lalancette, Dr. Jean-Marc Developed a chemical process to make certain asbestos fibers safer. Principal Award Industry QC, Sherbrooke
Kivisild, Dr. Hans R. Developed ice platforms for petroleum drilling in the Canadian Arctic. Award of Merit Civil Engineering AB, Calgary


Whitehead, Dr. Lorne A. Invented the prism light guide system. Using electricity or sunlight the "light pipe" offers advantages over conventional illumination systems. Principal Award Electrical BC, Vancouver
Dupuy, Diane, C.M. Created the Famous People Players, a theatre company proving that persons with developmental challenges can achieve high levels of self-expression and accomplishment. Award of Merit Handicapped ON, Hamilton


Kasha, Dr. Kenneth Devised a genetic system that led to the cultivation of barley and wheat in much less time than conventional breeding methods. Money from his Manning award was used in part to establish a perpetual scholarship for students in biotechnology. Principal Award Agriculture ON, Guelph


Gold, Dr. Phil, C.C. Developed the first and still most widely used blood test for the diagnosis and management of certain types of cancer. Principal Award Medical Science QC, Montreal