Manning Fund is a launching platform for start-ups, a facility for researchers, and a sanctuary for innovators.

We support over a thousand tech and science ventures in Canada that are undertaking some of the toughest challenges of society by giving them curated resources during each stage of their development, starting from start-up until scale up.

Manning Fund focuses on four categories; health, cleantech, enterprise software, and fintech. These sectors have the highest potential for building dynamic businesses that solidify the economy.

Manning Fund is one of the largest innovation hubs in Canada. It is home to a community of over a hundred tenants as well as research laboratories and international tech companies. Each area involves a community of collaborative innovators of practical solutions to actual issues present in society.

The innovators working at the facilities at Manning Fund are helping diminish the negative effects of global warming and climate change, streamline the healthcare system, discover new treatments for illnesses, provide clean water and food for the ever-growing population, visualize future job opportunities, and so much more.


Manning Fund is Canada’s propeller for economical innovation.


We aim to help innovators worldwide create a better world for future generations.