Partner With Us

Manning Fund supports public and private entities to face economic challenges, grow their ventures, and create a brighter future. We connect business partners with Manning Fund’s community of top-tier innovators, industry experts, and investors. Our biggest goal is to change the world for the better.

Manning Fund collaborates with over 200 corporate, academic, community, and government partners nationwide. We are also proud to have supported over a thousand start-up businesses and we have impacted millions of lives through our programs and services.

Here at Manning Fund, we work with three different kinds of business partners:

Public Sector – This includes provincial, municipal, as well as federal governments. We also collaborate with public healthcare institutions and post-secondary organizations that are aiming to modernize their services and policies for the benefit of the Canadian people.

Corporate – We work with big public and private companies who are looking to adopt and adapt to off-base technologies.

Community – We collaborate with non-government organizations and foundations that are tackling the most issues of the society.

Manning Fund’s offer a vast array of services to its partners such as corporate partnerships, innovation challenges, data catalyst, Manning Fund solutions lab, and so much more. All of our partner services aim to help our partners get rid of innovation hurdles to drive economical advantages.