The Top Tech Entrepreneurs in Canada That You Need to Watch in 2021

Now that the world is getting ready for a fresh restart, people are looking for inspiration for their goals this 2021. Below is a rundown of some of the biggest tech entrepreneurs in Canada which you surely need to watch this year.

1. Sam Ramadori

Sam Ramadori and his team of innovators at BrainBox AI have been well-renowned for building cutting-edge buildings through HVAC systems. HVAC systems have been figured by many scientists to diminish the escalation of airborne diseases. Thus, it is predicted that the world will use the service of companies like Sam Ramadori’s BrainBox AI.

2. Sage Franch

Crescendo is a start-up platform founded by Sage Franch in 2017. This company’s core mission is to train users to champion diversity and inclusion in the workplace. With the ongoing health issues, people have now resorted to remote work; Sage Franch figured that her platform would be a big help to foster unity among teams.

3. Jennifer Wagner

CarbonCure is a company founded by Jennifer Wagner and is considered to be among the most ground-breaking cleantech businesses. The company has invented a technology that permanently traps CO2 in concrete, thus reducing carbon footprints on infrastructure projects without undermining the quality. This process has been hypothesized to make concrete stronger.

4. Jeff Ruby

Jeff Ruby’s Newtopia believes that prevention of diseases should be made a habit. His company has been helping fight heart disease, type 2 diabetes, weight problems, and stroke by promoting habit change.


These leaders of innovation will continue to play crucial roles in improving the healthcare system, providing jobs, and making the planet a better place to live.

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