These Canadian Start-Up Tech Companies Are Hiring This January 2021

These startup companies have so much to offer to job-seeking individuals; highly competitive salary and benefits, state-of-the-art work facilities, work-life balance, as well as the opportunity to take part in valuable and high-impact projects.

1. eSight

eSight is a Toronto-based company that develops electronic glasses and offers innovative tools to help blind people see.

When you work at this company you get the opportunity of changing blind people’s lives for the better. You also get generous vacation leaves, as well as extensive healthcare and dental coverage.

The company is currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Marketing Specialist
  • UX Intern
  • Technical Writer
  • VP of Global Business Development
  • Sales Specialist
  • Customer Training Specialist

2. Moka

Moka is a Montreal-based company that operates an automated finance app that helps users meet their personal financial goals and maximize their savings. This platform was recently included in the list of the top industry challengers in North America.

Moka is organizing regular events, it provides extensive health benefits to its workers, encourages flexible working scenarios, and fosters opportunities for professional development.

Here is a list of Moka’s current job openings:

  • Billing Analyst
  • Bill Negotiator
  • Experienced Node JavaScript
  • Software Developer
  • Associate Data Engineer
  • Development Manager
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Customer Relations Specialist

3. Bridgit

Bridgit is a Kitchener-based company that develops project management tools for construction sites. The company has successfully raised $9.4 million earlier in 2020 and they are planning to boost partner integrations in 2021.

Workers at Bridgit enjoy a wide array of perks and benefits including flexible work scenarios, highly competitive salaries and benefits, 4-hour Fridays, and unlimited vacations.

Bridgit is currently hiring for the following vacant positions:

  • Account Executive for Enterprise
  • Senior Front-End Developer
  • Account Executive
  • Business Development Agent

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