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Scoring Criteria

You must be a Canadian citizen to be eligible for one of the awards.

Once received, your application will be evaluated on the criteria outlined below.

Based on a possible maximum score of 100, each category will be awarded a maximum of 20 points, ranging from 'limited' to 'outstanding'. Each of these criteria is essential to the evaluation of your nomination:

  • Intellectual Achievement - The degree of intellectual achievement or quality of ingenious thinking and experiment to discover, create or conceive the innovation.
  • Uniqueness and Originality - Refers to the state of being original; the freshness of aspect, design or style utilized to produce the invention.
  • Development - Refers to the extent to which the idea or concept has been thought through to completion.
  • Commercialization - Refers to the degree of successful commercialization or quantifiable impact of the innovation (not forecasted or projected).
  • Benefits - Refers to the economic and/or social benefit to Canada resulting from the innovation.

Common Mistakes Leading to Disqualification

Proven impact is critical! If your innovation is not yet commercial or, in the case of social innovations quantifiably in use by the people it is intended for, it will not be considered a qualified nomination for that year's competition;

The commercialization and benefits will be judged on factual outcomes to date, not projected sales or intended benefit;

Your application will be disqualified if you fail to recognize other key people in the development of the innovation.

Failure to appropriately address any of these, including the five scoring criteria, will mean your submission is not complete and thus does not qualify for evaluation.